View of the Little Ponds
           Beaver working on his lodge
                              The evidence !
Lodge on the island in  Little Pond
     Small frog in Littlest Pond
                 Mother duck and ducklings 
          on Littlest Pond
     The Frog Prince of Littlest Pond
                      Irises in spring
                     Little Pond in Fall
                Swingset beside Little Pond
       Little Pond and Littlest Pond
                       Fall at Little Pond
           Swim rock across the lake
2009 will be our 9th consecutive year at Hodgdon Pond Farm.  Things we like best.  the setting, of course, and the fact that each year there seem to be some improvement.  
Reasons we would recommend staying at Hodgdon Pond Farm,  Clean, well-maintained, comfortable, private, professionally managed. 

We feel like our kids have done a lot of growing at HPF.  Our first year they were barely able to swim and paddle around the dock.  The next year they both swam out to the float and paddled around the enitre pond in the kayaks.  We now own kayaks as a family due  in part to the fun we have had on Hodgdon Pond. 

Colleen and Greg, New Hampshire. 
Outdoor Photos
NEW IN 2009
                          Irises in spring
                Around the little ponds
Bob and Beaver, Damn.  Normie, Bob and Butch build the BEAVER DECEIVER
Julia after canoeing.
Two different families of ducks on the Little Pond

Paul and his fish
Irises, Trollius, and Water Lilies at LIttle Pond