Rob and I first found out about  HPF through friends who invited us to stay one night while we were camping at Seawall Campground, which is part of Acadia National Park.  It was a rainy day and when we had the comfort of a roof and warm shower, our camping days were dwindling.  The following year, the same friends found out they couldn't take the cabin.  We asked if we could take their place and we haven't missed a year.  Our children weren't born yet, but a year or two later Matt (now 20) was born and we'd put him in a backpack carrier and hike throughout the park.  4 years later Kelsey (now 16) was born, and she took her first canoe ride at 4 months.  Matt became an expert frog catcher at the little pond and played on the jungle gym provided.  As the years quickly passed, the kids became expert swimmers and would swim to the middle of the pond to the floating dock.  Having the kayaks  provided hours of entertainments as they took nets to catch turtles. frogs, etc. and bring them back for Rob to photograph and eventually create numerous paintings from these excursions.  We have our favorite haunts throughtou Mt. Desert and have enjoyed many a lobster on the island, some of which were cooked in the cabin or enjoyed at Thurston's  To be honest, we have lost track of how many years we have been at Hodgdon Pond Farm, but all we know is that we have created a lifetime of memories.   

Rob, Lynn, Matt, and Kelsey.  Pennsylvania
So in one week we were able to hike, bike, canoe, kayak, swim, fish, sleep in, read, see July 4th fireworks, attend Rotary pancake breakfast and lobster lunch (July 4th), boat ride (Little Cranberry Island), learn about marine animals (Oceanarium), barbeque, play board games with the kids, have celebrity sightings, and I love sampling some of the cheeses and wines from the  wine and cheese shop in Southwest Harbor.  I can't think of any place besides Acadia where you could have a more fun-filled, but relaxing week!

Rod, Traci, and family, Pennsylvania
Above left: Master bedroom, Cottage 2, Above: Living Room in Cottage 1 and below, Living Room in Cottage 2.