Cottage 1 Facing Hodgdon Pond
Seating area in living room from loft
Dining Area
Dining Area Looking towards pond
First Floor Front Bedroom
First Floor Back Bedroom
Hammock and Lawn Chairs Overlooking Hodgdon Pond
Looking down Hodgdon Pond to the Outlet
Hodgdon Pond in Fall
      Looking towards the outlet                Exterior of Cottage 1
First Floor Bath
Loft  with twin bed
Master bedroom
              Master Bath, 2nd floor
                Putting away the dock
The houses are attractive, clean, well-appointed, and very livable.  The lake is beautiful, and provides swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and just a beautiful setting for reading and observing wildlife.  We love being on the quiet side, and yet we can still get easily to activities of all sorts all over the island.  The whole feel of the Hodgdon Pond experience is relaxed, removed, quiet, rejuvenating.  It's a place that nourishes quality, wholesome, family time.  At the same time, there are endless adventures available in the park: each year we do somehting new, in addition to lots of old favorites.

This is a setting for people who want to soak up the natural grandeur of Mt. Desert Island without being barraged by tacky tourist culture and needing to eat out all the time.  It's the perfect place to bring extended, multigenerational family.  By its very nature, it creates wonderful memories that last throughout the year.

Mary, Mary and family,  Massachusetts.
DVDs, games, and books